Welcome, Alumni and Friends!

Whether you've taken a class, or completed a degree or certificate, you are still a member of the Daniel Institute family and hold a special place in our hearts. Though your time as a student has come to an end, you will always remain a member of the DI Family, and we want to keep you engaged in an ongoing, rewarding relationship with DI, long after your graduation.

As a Daniel Institute alum, friend, and community partner, you are invited to join a thriving network of former Citizen who support and participate in the DI’s educational, ministerial and social programs. 

The Alumni and Friends Association maintains contact with former students, encourages students’ recruitment, and assists DI in achieving its goals and objectives. Learn more about the many ways to stay engaged with DI and your fellow Citizens.

Introducing DI-AFA

In 2021, Daniel Institute, the seminary in Central University, reorganized all the former students of Central Christian College, Living Word School and the Department of Theology in Central University into an organization called Daniel Institute Alumni and Friends Association (DI-AFA). Since then, DI-AFA has become the formal alumni relations arm of the Institute, pioneering many programs and initiatives. Today, every graduate and student of the Institute becomes automatically a member of DI-AFA? 

The Alumni Association has a representative on the Board of Regents of Daniel Institute. Daniel Institute is divided into three communities called Societies. All graduates still belong to their societies after completion of their studies in the Institute. Therefore each community has an Alumni Common Room (ACR) with a chair representing the interests of former graduates of the Society.

Name of DIAFA Members

The member of the Alumni and Friends Association shall refer to themselves as CITIZENS.


The Alumni and Friends Association will become a vibrant and evangelistic organization serving a significant role in the advancement of Daniel Institute.



The mission of the Daniel Institute Alumni & Friends Association is to connect past and future DI Citizens to create a strong and long-lasting DI community.

DI Alumni Constitution

We, the alumni of Daniel Institute, adopt this Constitution in order to establish and guide the DI Alumni & Friends Association.

Join the Alumni & Friends Association

It is a great honour to be members of the Daniel Institute family and the DI Alumni and Friends provides an opportunity for those family members to give something back to a school that has given them so much.

We are deeply appreciate your interest in being part of the DI Alumni & Friends Association (DI-AFA). Your involvement will make a difference in the lives of the students who are working hard to gain their theological education and ministerial training to make a better future for themselves, their families, their churches and their communities.

The DI Alumni & Friends Association is available for all former students, employees, and friends of the Institute. Timely communication, an awareness of what is happening on campus and fellowship with former alumni all are privileges of membership in the DI Alumni & Friends. 

Members also receive an “Alumni Newsletter," spotlighting alumni and events and activities happening at the Institute.

Membership Benefits

Areas of Contribution needed from Alumni

Donate a Book Today: Whenever anybody reads a book you have donated, that person will be reading it in your palms. Imagine how often this will be happening in a week. 

Why not start now by donating one theology book to DI? It could be new or fairly used but complete and relevant. You could also encourage others to do this with you. 

Set up section in the Library: You and your family or friends could name a collection of book in the DI library. You may request for a book list from any of the DI lecturers. Send us some books today with the name you are giving to your section of collections.

Volunteering: You could teach the future pastor some occupational and life skills depending on your area of expertise. Can you teach them First Aid and CPR, basic car maintenance skills, gardening, building plans interpretation and construction, solar panel installation, computer programming, soap production, business start-up skills or any other practical skills you have?

Remember, if you support in training a pastor, you have not just trained an individual but a whole congregation. So, donate a fraction of your talent or get somebody to do it on your behalf. 

Adopt a Pastor in School today: You and your family or friends may set up a scholarship scheme in your name for students in DI. Your donations may go into paying for tuition or technology fees, or library fees, field research or rural evangelism costs or any fee you may choose. No donation is too little for God to use.

You may adopt a Bible student today. For further guidance, you may send a mail to with your questions.

Other donations in kind: These may include office equipment, branded mug, shirts, furniture, classroom equipment like TV, computers, etc.

Update Your Information

As we continue to build and strengthen our Alumni and Friends program we invite you to take the opportunity to update your information, and tell us what you have been up to.

Members looking for information may contact the Alumni Office via email: